Microsoft Excel
Latest version 2019 16.0.6742.2048
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Microsoft Excel Latest version 2019 16.0.6742.2048

Microsoft Excel
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Microsoft Excel 2019 16.0.6742.2048
The world can thank Microsoft countless times over for the creation of Excel, as the spreadsheet program alleviates more headaches than any pain medication.

Excel, which is designed to help users compute various functions and formulas, possesses tons of great aspects and features. Most notably though are the mathematical computations, which give users the chance to analyze complex data sets with just a few simple controls. With the formulas, users can easily manage balance sheets, income statements, and various other financial data sets.

Like any other Microsoft program, Excel is incredibly easy to use. The interface seems to effortlessly guide new users to the desired features, which are all conveniently placed atop the screen in a toolbar.

However, the program is also extremely convenient for those looking to manage social data. The endless amount of rows and columns gives users the chance to enter data for titles and descriptions, which can later be found with a search feature. And of course, at the most basic level, users can put the program to work as a social calendar for their upcoming events.

At the end of the day, there just isn’t a single software competitor that offers such a smooth experience, with so many optional features.

Software Review

Spreadsheet analysis program complete with advanced functions.

When it comes to spreadsheet computing, there is no greater program than Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel first launched onto the tech market 32 years ago in 1987. As a newborn program, it was created to calculate basic end-user functions, for those looking for a quicker means of computing.

However, as time passed, the program became more viable for dozens of reasons. Users’ could soon manage large sets of data, arrange balance sheets, and formulate itineraries.

Today’s Microsoft Excel offers all of that and more, as the software grants users the opportunity to complete countless different tasks relating to spreadsheets.

Those who hop on to Excel can immediately start using the program with ease. The interface consists of an infinite number of rows and columns, which are broken down into cells. Once data is entered into a cell, it then becomes part of the spreadsheet, which can be used as simple data storage or for calculations.

Best of all, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are wildly easy to share and edit. Users can easily share them via email, external hard drive, or USB.

Forget all of the headaches associated with mass data entry. Jump on board with Microsoft Excel and discover just how easy it is to fashion beautiful spreadsheets.

● Beautiful Spreadsheets – Create beautiful and well-organized spreadsheets in a program designed for simplicity. Whether organizing data or compiling lists, you’ll have no problem creating something easy on the eyes.

● Helpful Mathematical Functions – Tired of trying to complete an endless list of equations? Punch all of your data into Microsoft Excel and let the spreadsheet program handle the rest. Total up all of your expenses, calculate your budget, or determine future forecasts with dozens of different formulas and functions.

● Simplistic Interface – Organizing your data shouldn’t be a hassle in itself. Thankfully, Microsoft Excel is simple and effective, giving you the chance to effortlessly fashion brilliant spreadsheets in no time.

Are you ready to simplify your life with spreadsheets? If so, then hop on board to see just how incredible Microsoft Excel really is.

Microsoft Excel is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


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Description A free, small and fast data analyze tool. An office software program An alternative to MS Office An alternative spreadsheet app to excel.
Downloads 10,571 68,320 9,064 670
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File Size 29.30 MB 127.00 MB 215.00 MB 64963 KB

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Astro says:
  • Simpler interface for novice Excel users
  • Excellent support for any functions
  • Integrates smoothly with PowerPoint and Word
  • Long-time users may be confused by interface
  • Myriad of options is potentially overwhelming
Product Details
Rating:5 (Users71438)
Ranking in Business Software:5
Last rated on:
License:Free trial
File size:725.80 MB
Version:2019 16.0.6742.2048
Last updated:27/6/2019
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Languages: English, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, More...
Download count:1,723,237
Download count (All Languages):4,167,390

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